Israel News

Portal is not a source of Israeli news. The tape is created by the program aggregator in automatic mode. All headlines are direct hyperlinks to articles published in the Israeli media or on Internet pages related to events taking place in Israel.

Headings of articles (links) by relevant selection are formed into thematic sections or headings. All links are marked on the portal depending on the time of recording in the database. Israeli news, collected in the form of links to Internet resources, are published without selection by political, ideological or other position. The visitor (user) is granted the right to choose different links to the description of the same event, which may differ in interpretation. To go to the text of the article, click on the title.

All information in the form of links to Israeli news sources can not be considered as the position of the creators of the portal The team of the site publishing the headlines does not express its position on the events described in the articles to which they refer.